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      Helping Dogs Find Their Forever Homes – One Collar or Leash At A Time

      At Team Plover, we have dedicated our business to helping pets in need. But people often ask us, how does it work? The easiest way to explain how we help rescue dogs is with an example. 

      Watch this video or continue reading to learn Oreo’s story and how we help… 

      In December of 2019, rescue pup Oreo was living out his days in a high-kill shelter in California.

      At that point in time it seemed as if Oreo spending the holidays alone in his concrete cell was one of the better possible outcomes...with the worst being Oreo becoming one of the 1.5 million companion animals euthanized in American shelters annually.  

      Fortunately, Oreo’s fate took an unexpected turn, as a dog rescue in Oregon was willing to take him into their care and help him start a new life. The only challenge was that Oreo was in central California and the rescue was located all the way in northern Oregon.

      This is where Team Plover came in. On December 21st, just in time for the holidays, we got Oreo a one-way trip from Modesto, California to the Oregon/Washington border where he was accepted into the loving care of one of the rescue's foster homes. Not long after that trip, Oreo was adopted into a loving furever home and is now living the life every dog deserves to live.

      Now, you might be wondering – how does this all tie together with your purchase from Team Plover?

      For every Team Plover collar or leash sold, we commit to transporting one dog in need on one 25-mile leg (40 km) of their freedom ride toward a better life. And along with your purchase you'll receive a short video showing the dog you helped!

      What's This About a Video?

      Yes you read that correctly! With every purchase made from Team Plover, you will also receive a short video of the dog you helped rescue!

      That’s right – you actually get to see the dog you impacted!

      We do this to help fulfill our commitment to transparency in the hope that you experience the same feeling of joy we feel when helping to rescue dogs. Join us on our journey towards helping all pets find loving homes. 

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