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      Rescue Organizations

      I am a from a rescue organization that would like help with rescue transportation. Can you help us?


      Where are your products made?
      What are your products made from?
      Do you have any other products besides quick release collars and 6 ft leashes?

      Rocky and Holly (the Team Plover Founding Dogs)

      Rocky and Holly are sooo cute. Can I have them?!
      What are Rocky and Holly's breeds?
      How old are Rocky and Holly?

      How We Give

      What is considered a pet in need?
      How far is one leg of transport?
      Are you a charity?
      How are the pets transported?
      What happens if I buy more than one product?
      What happens if I return my products?

      Returns and Exchanges

      Do you offer returns or exchanges?

      Shop Team Plover

      Where else can I find Team Plover products?