Blue Floral Dog Collar Rose Gold Collection

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Every pet deserves a loving home. Every purchase helps make that happen.

Your purchase of this collar will bring one pet in need, on one leg, 40 km (25 mi), of their journey towards a better life.

Along with your purchase you'll receive a short video showing the pet you helped rescue! A digital copy will be emailed to you within 60 days of your purchase.

Let's create more happy rescue stories, together!

About the Collar:

Believe me, we know our pets are more than capable of getting messy. So we made sure we designed collars that not only look great, but can also handle whatever our furry friends throw their way.

This collar has:

  • Rose gold plating on the hardware creating a stunning finish and making the collar corrosion resistant.
  • A beautiful floral print lining the outside of the collar that is made from the same highly durable blend of fibers that are used in outdoor furniture making it attractive, comfortable and made to survive the outdoors.


S: 7"-10" inch adjustable length & 5/8" width

M: 10"-15" inch adjustable length & 3/4" width

L: 12"-18" inch adjustable length & 1" width

XL: 17"-26" inch adjustable length & 1" width

Caution: Do not use collars for tie out. The sizing should allow room for two fingers to fit between the collar and the neck of your dog.

*Please note that all Team Plover products are created by hand and therefore no two are 100% identical. As a result, there may be slight differences from what is shown in the photos.

**No collar/leash is indestructible, please be mindful and check for wear and tear of your dog’s collar/leash and replace when necessary. Upon receiving the collar/leash, its use is in the full responsibility of the customer. It is the customer’s responsibility to determine the suitability of the collar/leash for their pet. If you receive your product and suspect it has been damaged during shipping, contact our team and we will work to resolve the issue.