Our Origin

It all started with a simple decision to follow my heart

After I graduated from University, in the summer of 2018, I decided I wanted to devote some time toward helping pets in need and that's exactly what I did.⁣

I began by volunteering with various fantastic groups that would coordinate the rescue transportation of animals, to the individuals and organizations that could care for them. ⁣

These were often dogs and cats in shelters, facing the risk of being euthanized due to there being too many animals and not enough space in the shelters.⁣

Along with many other individuals, I volunteered my time and money to drive these pets in need of help, along their journey to a better life.⁣

However, I quickly realized how fast the cost of these trips were adding up.⁣

At the time, I had just graduated from University, and I was spending a lot of money on volunteering.⁣

It didn’t take a University degree to realize that what I was doing wasn't sustainable.⁣

I knew I needed a way that would allow me to consistently be able to help these pets in the future.⁣

I always had a passion for creating products that people love (as a student I had my own small backpack company), and I eventually realized that I could use that passion to fuel my other greater passion for helping animals.⁣

That’s where the idea for Team Plover came from: To create products that people love and use those products as fuel for helping pets in need.⁣

For every product I sold, I committed to transporting one pet in need on one leg of their journey toward a better life and provided a short video to whoever purchased the product, showing the pet they helped.⁣

And thanks to the support of many people just like you, Team Plover has outgrown what was originally me and my van (well actually it was my mom’s van that I was borrowing…thanks mom!), and we have begun dreaming bigger.⁣

We are currently growing a network of transport partners across North America who are capable of safely transporting pets 100s of miles to their loving destination, with the goal of making shelter pets all over, more accessible to loving homes.⁣

Our original promise still holds true today. For every Team Plover product sold, we commit to transporting one pet in need on one leg (40 km) of their journey toward a better life and provide you with a short video showing the pet you helped with your purchase.⁣

Join the team today!⁣

- Christian, Founder of Team Plover




Each purchase helps rescue a pet in need

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