The name behind the movement

Where does the name "Team Plover" come from?

The Plover is a bird. But it is far from an ordinary bird.⁣

Most birds feed in areas such as the grass or trees. ⁣

The Plover however, is bold and fearless enough to feed out of a...⁣

crocodile’s mouth!⁣

The Plover will fly into the mouth of a crocodile and pick the food out of its teeth.⁣

What this bird has done is it has found a way to do something that is typically entirely for itself, eat.⁣

But has managed to do it in a way that simultaneously helps another species very different from itself, the crocodile, by cleaning its teeth (which is why the crocodile lets it happen).⁣

And at Team Plover, whenever you buy a Team Plover product, you are doing something for yourself by getting a beautiful product you and your pet love, while simultaneously doing something for another being, a pet in need.⁣

But here is the thing. Just as a single plover couldn’t possibly help all the crocodiles in the world, a single person can’t help all the struggling pets in the world.⁣

But together, as one big team, we can!

Every purchase helps rescue a pet in need

Listen to Fern's story to learn how