What we do

Pet Supplies with purpose.

Team Plover creates pet supplies that enable everyone to play a part in helping to rescue pets in need, but probably not in the way you think. The easiest way to explain how is an example:⁣

Fern is a sweet dog, who not too long ago ended up in a shelter in Southern California. And unfortunately she was placed on the euthanasia list and was facing the risk of being put down. ⁣

However there was hope for Fern. See, many people knew that Fern deserved to live out the remaining years of her life in a loving home, rather than spending her final days alone in that shelter, only to be put down. ⁣

So they shared Fern’s story widely on social media until finally a woman who worked at a shelter in the North West, found an adopter for Fern in Montana! ⁣

Which was great…but there was a problem. ⁣

Fern, was down in California and her potential loving home was all the way in Montana. ⁣

However no problem is too big when we come together as a team. ⁣

A rescue local to southern California, pulled Fern from the shelter and with one of our transport partners behind the wheel, we had Fern transported from Southern California, all the way up to Tacoma Washington where Fern met with that shelter worker from the North West who took Fern to the loving forever home she had found for her.⁣

Fern is currently living out the remaining years of her life in her loving home and has finally begun to smile again.⁣

Now how this all ties together is this:⁣

For every team plover product sold, we commit to transporting 1 pet in need, on one leg, 40km of their journey towards a better life. ⁣

And along with your purchase, you’ll receive a short video showing the pet that you helped (sent to your email within 60 days of your purchase)!⁣

Join us on our mission of making pets in need of help, more accessible to the people and organizations that can help them.⁣

Shop Team Plover and join the Team today!⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣