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      Rescue Organizations

      I am a from a rescue organization that would like help with rescue transportation. Can you help us?

      We are always willing to consider adding more fantastic rescues to our network! Start by contacting us via email ( and we will take it from there. Please include a link to your rescue's website in your email, and where the pets you want to help are coming from.


      Where are your products made?

      We are proud to say that all our products are handmade in Toronto, Canada by our dedicated team of artisans.

      What are your products made from?

      Most of our products are made of the following materials:

      • Highly durable decorative fabric lining one side of the collar/leash. This fabric is made of the same blend of fibers used in outdoor furniture. We know our pets are more than capable of getting messy and so we made sure our products can survive whatever our furry friends throw their way.
      • Heavy nylon webbing.
      • Strong zinc die cast metal hardware that has been plated for corrosion resistance.


      See individual product description for details.

      Do you have any other products besides quick release collars and 6 ft leashes?

      Currently all we offer is collars and leashes. Our focus has been on doing a few things but doing them very well. However we are working on expanding our product line! We want to make sure that we have great products for every pet.

      If there is a specific type of product you'd like us to start making, let us know by reaching out to us via the "Contact us" section. We would love to hear from you!

      Rocky and Holly (the Team Plover Founding Dogs)

      Rocky and Holly are sooo cute. Can I have them?!

      Of course not!

      All joking aside, if you are interested in getting a furry best friend of your own then visit a shelter or contact a rescue and consider adopting one. If you don't have a particular rescue or shelter in mind then we recommend starting your search by checking out to see what pets are currently available for adoption.

      BUT before you do that, you have some homework to do. Pet adoption is a lifetime commitment and should be a well thought out decision. There are few things worse for a dog then being abandoned to a shelter multiple times. It becomes very difficult for these dogs to ever find permanent loving homes, and it is quite traumatic for the dog.

      If you're thinking about adopting a dog and this is your first dog then I must warn you that getting a dog is a lot of work. Even if this isn't your first pet, it's worth reminding yourself of that simple fact.

      However, i'm sure you know that it is absolutely worth the effort.

      We recommend that you think about finding a pet almost like you would think about matchmaking. Even though you may have found a dog that you think is the cutest thing on earth, you need to remember that some owner and dog combinations just are not very compatible. Look at your lifestyle, and try to find a pet that compliments your life. If you're a very laid back person who enjoys lazy days and just hanging out, then maybe that cute high energy dog you found isn't the best match for you. But that doesn't mean that you won't be able to find a pet that is equally as cute and perfectly fits your lifestyle.

      Remember, just in the US 6.5 million companion animals enter shelters each year. That's a lot of "fish in the sea." Which means two things:

      One these shelter pets really need your help. There are too many of them in shelters and they rely on people like you to provide them with homes.

      Two, if you do your homework, you can most definitely find one that will be a perfect fit for both you and your new pet.

      If you read and followed this advice then post a picture of you and your new best friend on Instagram using the hashtag #teamplovermatch to be featured on our Instagram page!

      What are Rocky and Holly's breeds?

      Rocky and Holly are both amazing mutts.

      We know some people don’t like the term mutt but Rocky and Holly wear the name proudly #RescuedIsMyFavoriteBreed

      Rocky is a Lab Shepherd mix and Holly is a...well...we don't actually know. But we love her regardless.

      How old are Rocky and Holly?

      Rocky is 8 and celebrates his birthday on October 10th.

      As for Holly, once again…we don't really know but we suspect she is 7. Holly celebrates her birthday on December 10th.

      How We Give

      What is considered a pet in need?

      The way we define a pet in need is simple.

      In general terms, a pet in need, to us, is a pet who would benefit from being taken from their current setting and brought to a better place such as a rescue, sanctuary or loving home.

      For the most part these are homeless pets. This would include pets in shelters, often facing the immediate risk of being euthanized. This would also include stray pets who have been left to survive the elements.

      However we also define a class of pets in need that are not homeless. These would be pets that are in abusive homes/settings.

      The pets in need that we help are mostly dogs and cats however on occasion we also help other animals including bunnies in need!

      How far is one leg of transport?

      One leg of transport is at least 40 km (25 miles).

      We are capable of transporting pets in need hundreds of kilometers/miles. This is made possible by adding multiple legs together.

      For example, if a pet has 140 km to travel, the trip would be defined by multiple legs, each of at least 40 km and would look something like this:

      • The first leg will move that pet the first 40km
      • The second leg will take that pet the next 40 km (80km traveled so far)
      • The third leg would have taken the next pet the next 40 km (120 km traveled so far) however the pet would then require 20 additional kilometers to reach their destination. Therefore the third and final leg ends up taking the pet 60km to complete the trip at 140 km


      It takes a lot to rescue a pet in need. However, when we come together as a team, we can make it happen! Each purchase, including yours, helps make the journey to a better life possible for a pet in need.

      Are you a charity?

      We are not a charity and so we do not accept donations. If you would like to donate to the welfare of pets in need then we recommend donating to your favorite local rescue organization. If you don't have any particular rescue in mind then consider checking out our social media and learning about some of the amazing rescues we've worked with in the past.

      Alternatively, if you'd like to donate to a charity that focuses on helping homeless pets at a larger scale, then we would recommend the Best Friends Animal Society.

      How are the pets transported?

      There are a few ways we work to get pets in need of help, to the people who can care for them.

      The first way is through our transport partners. We have a growing network of transport partners who we work with to provide rescue transport for pets in need of help. Our transport partners have been selected based off their ability to safely transport pets hundreds of miles, and for their track record of providing exceptional care for their passengers. We work with these partners solely for the purpose of transporting pets on their freedom rides. Our transport partners include:

      • California - Rides for K9's is a pet transportation company based out of Southern, California. They provide reliable transportation in a climate controlled vehicle that allows for continuous visual observation of every animal on their trips.
      • The second way is through working with third party animal transporters. We aid various rescues in getting pets in need of help into their care, by booking one way trips for those furry passengers. We book trips with a variety of third party animal transporters who safely transport these pets to their loving destinations.

      The third way, is the same way our founder originally helped to rescue pets - that being through participating in rescue transport chains ourselves.

      *Our transport partners and third party animal transporters are all separate entities from Team Plover. All opinions shared by Team Plover, are the opinions of Team Plover and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of any or all of these other organizations. Our transport partners and these third party animal transporters do not necessarily endorse Team Plover.

      What happens if I buy more than one product?

      For every product sold we commit to transporting 1 pet in need on 1 leg (minimum 40 km) of their journey towards a better life. We do this for as many products as you buy.

      For example if you buy a collar and a matching leash (2 products), then for your collar we will transport one pet in need on one leg (at least 40 km) of their journey towards a better life. And for your leash we will do the same. For the second product the "one pet" will either be a new pet (if the pet from your previous purchase has completed their journey) or the "one pet" will be the same pet on an additional 40 km (if that pet still has remaining ground to cover).

      See the question above titled “How far is one leg of transport” for further details.

      What happens if I return my products?

      When we reconcile the number of legs of pets transported on a quarterly basis (for verification purposes as well as planning), we are able to address this issue. Therefore a pet will not be transported for a returned item. However, in most cases, the item is later re-purchased and then we do transport a pet in need for that product, on one leg of their journey towards a better life!

      Returns and Exchanges

      Do you offer returns or exchanges?

      Yes! If you ordered the wrong size/colour and want to make an exchange, then we will pay your return postage so you can easily send it back to us and we will then ship you the proper size/colour!

      However some exclusions apply. Check out our Return Policy for details.

      Shop Team Plover

      Where else can I find Team Plover products?

      Currently, the best way to shop Team Plover is online. However we also participate in a number of events and pop-up markets throughout North America (primarily around Toronto).

      Follow us on social media so that you can be the first to know when we are coming to an event near you!


      • Send us an email: