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Where are your products made?

What are your products made from?

Do you have any other products besides quick release collars and 6 ft leashes?

Rocky and Holly (the Team Plover Founding Dogs)

The Team Plover founding dogs Rocky and Holly are sooo cute. Can I have them?!

What are Rocky and Holly's breeds?

How old are Rocky and Holly?

How we give

What is considered a pet in need?

How far is one leg of transport?

If I don't register my transport code, will a pet in need still be transported?

I registered my transport code, when will I receive my transport video?

Are you a charity?

What happens if I buy more than one product?

What happens if I return my products?

How are the pets transported?

Returns and Exchanges

Do you offer returns or exchanges?

Rescue partners

I am a rescue organization that would like to (or already does) care for pets from that come from high-kill shelters far from my area. Can you help get these pets to me?


Where can I find you in store?

I would like to carry Team Plover products in my store. Can we make it happen?